Influential Women in Transition

(group, 1-1 coaching, coursework—application required)

Has your once-successful career stalled out? Are you over-invested in making things work in your job? Does that over-investing behavior show up in unbalanced relationships? Do your relationships bring appreciation and reciprocation or expectations and demands? How is this impacting your health?

Are you ready to take charge of your transition? The problem is that too many women find me AFTER they’ve been pushed off the cliff and they’re running out of resources. And the mental toughness and grit that it takes to create your comeback is far more difficult than if you find me BEFORE the cliff comes.

This program is for the woman who is unwilling to wait for the rough landing at the bottom but doesn’t clearly know what she wants for her ideal life. If you think this program would be beneficial to you, please apply by clicking the button below.

The Reinvention Phase—Discovery

Who are you? Stripped of your position, your titles, your functions—even your motherhood—WHO are you? Reinvention is about taking all of the good AND leveraging the bad to a positive—and pre-creating your new ideal self and life. This foundational process leads to a life filled with energy, vitality, joy, connection and purpose.

The Experimentation Phase—The Scientist

You are unique. Your perfect health. Your perfect job. Your perfect relationships. Your perfect life.—all of these things cannot come from someone else’s perfect self secret formula. But how do you discover your own secret formula to success? And how do you not give up when the experiment blows up in your face?

The Implementation Phase—Practice-Practice-Practice

The skill phase of the transition means lots of bumps and bruises, as well as confidence under pressure. All those times in the past that made you wince become fuel for a new-found mental toughness. You know what you want. You know your perfect formula to get it. And you can see it unfolding in your life.

The Replication Phase—Master-Mentor

Now you know you can do it. You can go through any transition with grace and skill. Practice has led to mastery—mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Now you’re in charge, creating new opportunities for yourself and others. People look to you as you lead by example. Conflicts? You see them as opportunities rather than obstacles. You experience peace, joy, and perspective with each new challenge.

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