5 Week Gut-Brain Axis Reboot

(free group coaching and support along with coursework with purchase of supplementation package)

Has stress taken your body in a direction that doesn’t bring you joy? Headaches, compromised immunity, hormone imbalances, anxiety, depression? This program is for those wanting to move up the scale—from dis-ease to normal and from normal to optimized. Love living in your skin—feel your vigor returning, and your desire and ability to take on life as it comes!

Learn about your body, your personal needs and most of all WHAT WORKS for you in weight and health management, exercise, nutri􀀁on, and stress management. The ultimate UN-DIET!

This program is free with commitment to a 90 to 360 day subscribe-and-save purchase program, which has a money back guarantee for up to one year. Enroll through any of the following links, or schedule a free 30 minute consult for a more customized supplementation solution.

Products are manufactured and distributed by Amare Global—The Mental Wellness Company. Use any of the links below and receive $10 off your first month’s purchase on me!

Weight Management Pack

A month’s supply which includes one smoothie meal per day, superfoods, etc.

Fitness Pack

includes basic fundamentals pack plus Menta-Heart for those wanting to improve their workout results, stabilize mood, sleep and energy, and reduce effects of inflammation

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